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17:04 Model update: Fiat Tipo Hybrid

Lower-medium hatch gets Fiat's new mild hybrid system.

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11:54 Model update: Fiat 500X Hybrid

Electrified small SUV has clever elements, but ultimately falls short.

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17:55 Fiat kitted out a 500 EV to charge wirelessly while driving

The idea of EV wireless charging while on the road is gradually gaining traction — and not without a reason. Juicing up your car while driving removes the hassle of stopping at a charging station and would end range anxiety once and for all. Stellantis is the latest automaker to explore the capabilities of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) — the tech that allows EVs to recharge as they travel over specially equipped, dedicated road lanes. What’s Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer? DWPT is basically a system of coils placed under the asphalt. They emit an electromagnetic field that’s picked up…This story continues at The Next Web

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16:54 Stellantis is testing a Fiat 500 EV that charges wirelessly as it travels

Stellantis, the parent company of Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Fiat, among many other brands, has revealed a Fiat 500 electric car that can travel at “typical highway speeds” without using energy from its battery pack—potentially greatly extending range. Or, to map it out a bit differently, at slower speeds, the test vehicle might...

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16:04 This Fiat 500 EV Is Charging Wirelessly Through The Road As It Drives

Fiat’s parent company Stellantis showcased what it calls “Arena del Futuro” capable of dynamic inductive charging for electric vehicles.

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11:44 Fiat 500 EVs join Onto fleet

Car subscription service Onto is adding 600 electric Fiat 500s to its fleet. The deal involves 500s with the larger 42kWh battery, and in both hatchba

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13:13 This Is Probably A Fiat 500e Abarth Prototype On Alfa Romeo Wheels

It may look like a regular 500e with Alfa Romeo Mito rims, but it apparently has a secret.

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02:25 Autocar notebook: Fiat's first EV, the joy of not driving and more

We round up some of the news you might have missed over the past week A polished act We scooped Fiat’s radical electric future last month, but it turns out Fiat EVs have existed for decades. The Polish National Museum of Technology has acquired a Polish-built Fiat 125p that was electrified at the Warsaw Electrotechnical Institute in 1977. Its range is just 62 miles and its top speed 50mph, but that’s impressive when you consider that it has eight 40kg batteries in its boot.  Gemera gets going Do you have a spare three minutes and 42 seconds? Koenigsegg has published a video of the boss himself, Christian von Koenigsegg, firing up and driving the first completed prototype of the Gemera, a mega-GT due in 2023 with 1700bhp from a 2.0-litre twin-turbo triple

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